So slow when using local stoarge

Hi. I’m using a 4TB wd external HD. At first things ran smoothly and quickly. Now I have about 3TB of movies on the drive and things have slowed to a snails pace. I turned off the auto scan feature and only have the media library enabled. I don’t understand why things would be so slow when using local storage? It takes about 10-30 seconds to move from one movie to another. It also caches my button presses so I think it timed out but then it continues to move another 2 or 3 places. It’s pretty much impossible to scan a few new movies to get the metadata and covers as it takes forever to even get to them.

So my question is, does anyone know why this is happening? I also have a 32 GB thumb drive that I was going to offload the metadata onto but then figured everything is already hooked up locally so that shouldn’t matter. I tried using different themes to no avail. If I turn the media library completely off it helps a bit but then I can’t update new movies that I add! I just can’t figure out why naviagting is so slow when using local storage.

Have you got any TV Shows on the 3TB ?   if so, click the link below for an explanation

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Hi Joey. Yes, I have 1 folder for movies and another for tv shows. Thank you very much for the link–off to give it a read!

Edit: Just read it and it looks promising. I’m just going to remove all tv shows and put them on a network drive since I hardly access them. I bet thats what it is though because it ran great until I started adding entire seasons of tv shows. I’ll give it a try tonight–again, thank you so much–hopefully I’ll be able to actually use my wdtv again lol!

No probs, i’m 99.99% sure that’s what is causing your slowdown.

For batch renaming and image resizing, i recommend these 2  *Free* easy to use softwares.

Batch Renaming:

Batch Image Resizing:


I love you man! I would seriously have your babies. It worked %100 and I’m able to fly through my movies again! Seriously, thank you so much!! :smileyvery-happy:

No probs :smiley:  

Just a Kudo’s star click would suffice :wink:  

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JoeySmyth wrote:

Have you got any TV Shows on the 3TB ?   if so, click the link below for an explanation


Happened to notice your post and looked at the TV show metathumbs, and sure enough, they are larger than those created for movies.  The only issue I have had with the latest firmware has been slow speed moving among TV show episodes (but not among movies), so this looked promising.  Sure enough, resized them down to about 200x300 and speed is now fine.  So thanks a lot Joey!  I had thought the speed had something to do with being down in subdirectories; never occured to me that the device would be making completely different sized thumbs for movies and TV shows.  With this fix, the new firmware now works fabulously well for me.  By far better than any earlier firmware.  I think this issue/fix needs to be made a sticky, as it causes very significant slowdown in browsing.