So many problems.... slow.... can't connect to admin portal

I just got this device a little over a week ago, and i’m having so many problems with it.  First, when I can actually connect to one of my shares, it’s ridiculously slow.  Like it takes a minute to go to \mycloud\myshare.

The admin portal is a mess.  Half the time I can’t even get to the sign in screen.  It just gives me a diagnostic dump which makes me extremely concerned about the reliability of this thing.  Then, when I can actually get on the admn portal, even 10 seconds or so I’m prompted with about 20 consecutive popups for login credentials.

I’m considering RMA-ing this thing.  This can’t be expected behavior… can I fix any of this?  Anybody else had this issue?

Hi there, from what you are discribing this is not a normal behavior of wdmcex2. I have 2 of them and didn’t have this problems.

I would try a reset from the reset button on the back of your device. If that doesn’t work, maybe a replace.

As for the slow speed, i have posted a solution where i increased my writing speed from 2-3MB/s up to18MB/s. My reading speed via WIFI get up to 28MB