So I ran CHMOD -R 777 * as root from / yolo

Alright, here’s the story behind my idiocy: bottom line is that I was trying to get root dir accessible from platform UIs that are seen as ‘guests’ instead of /Public/ so I decided to SSH into my MBL (3tb) and cd / followed by CHMOD -R 777 *

Now pretty much everything is defunct… fpkmgr is installed but limited usability and is throwing the error “sudo: must be setuid root” and SSH is down and the dashboard wont allow me to initiate a FW upgrade or access any of the menus or display any information about the drive.

Was able to get a small portion of the terminal log after chmod -r 777 * was ran.


do I have any options here where I can retain my data?


Read up to step two… Might help…




**bleep** the police

Based on my experience, screwing with permissions on a global scale = trouble. I mean not only in UNIXes, but also Windows…

The only thing you’ll be able to do is (in a nutshell):

Hope that helps …

And before you ask… I’ve did my own share of research, and no, there is no other solution than a fresh format. 

You have to crack it open.

*ps: please note that I’ve never experienced this thing in my MBL, but I did the same mistake twice, back then in my Red Hat days, and in my first Win8 x64 install.

thanks for a fact based and informative reply man… really appreciate it