So, I am angry about my Gen2

OK, I got around to trying to solder on a 4-pin UART header for my Gen2.

I have never seen such an oxidized and horriblly tinned set of through-solder joints in my life.

TWO DAMNED HOURS of cleaning, and babying the ■■■■ thing with solder and noclean, and it STILL would not properly tin!! I only got 2 of the 4 holes to tin correctly!! That, and the solder they used is some horrible high temperature garbage. The proper silver bearing rosin core I was trying to tin it up with began to freaking burn from how high I had to turn up my iron to melt that ■■■■!!

Despite all this, I DID succeed in getting the UART header working.

WD, if your QC people are reading this, PLEASE make sure that your component vias are properly tinned before letting your devices leave the manufacturing line. No-- Solder on one side of the through-hole, and oxidized copper with dry holes on the other IS NOT a properly tinned through-hole. Solder is supposed to WICK up through the through-hole, and fill the void. This is so the terminal post is well anchored and has a good quality signal path with the circuit traces the hole is connected to. When solder does NOT wick through the through hole, the terminal post is fragile, the join runs the risk of breaking and having poor signal fidelity, and overall, it’s just a bad thing for everyone involved.

I am very dissatisfied with this. I have a very fragile uart connector because of this absurdity. Cost-saving is fine and all, but not at the expense of build quality. Your assembly line TRIED to tin the pads, and did a very bad job. Do better from now on.