So disappointed with Western Digital Support(India)

I bought a Cavair Black 1TB HDD from a local retailer and after a few weeks, the sound from the drive increased and apart from that, I found that a couple of errors were reported by smartctl utility. I had a dual boot system with Ubuntu 10.04 and Win Vista. I first ran an offline check and a thorough check from the smartctl utility and it showed many read failures and at one point of time, it got struck and the test failed. 

As I wasn’t sure if WD support will be able to understand all the details of the checks that I ran on the machine, I went through the website and downloaded the utility provided by western digital to check disk health. The standard and thorough tests failed on it too. I created an RMA and attached the snapshots with it. It was created on 10 March 2011 and I still haven’t received the replacement drive. Why? - I’ve been asking the same question from support and first they told me that it has been dispatched and I need to call the courier service provider. I called the courier provider and they told me that the drive’s been sent back to the warehouse due to some issues between Western Digital and the courier service provider. The latest update from western digital support has been that the replacement HDD has been lost during the transit and it’s due to the reason that the service center is being shifted from Delhi to Banglore *but* I was told not to fear as the same has happened to a lot many clients who will be shipped a new HDD soon. I’m still waiting for mine. :( 

First, I would like to share that you really have to be so lucky in order to get in touch with a representative on the toll free number as most of the time the line is either busy or a strange call bar seems to happen -  have tried it from 4 different landline numbers.
Secondly, not sure if Western Digital has outsourced their ticketing support as even after being so disappointed with the kind of service that rendered, I maintained civil tone for a very long period but the people handling tickets section just don’t seem to care, at all. They don’t even bother to respond to the ticket and I’ve requested so various support reps on toll free number to escalate this issue as it’s not at all easy to connect to them on the toll free.

If someone responsible enough from western digital customer services section is reading this, please do something about this. I don’t wish to criticize the support/services team publicly but as nobody is listening, I needed means to amplify my response and therefore, I’m writing on my blog: 

tweeted about the same at twitter, facebook and couple of other forums. I really hope that someone responsible will hear this call and do something about the problem that me and a lot of other clients are facing.


nitinsharma408, please check your private inbox.

Thank you for your quick response. I’ll wait for a support representative to contact me.

Meanwhile, I tried the toll free number 18002005789 again and received voice notification that I should dial the toll free number(18002005789); yes, it’s the same. Seems, something is wrong with the IVR.


I’m really so thankful that you escalated the issue which I’ve been facing with the Western Digital Support and the result was that finally they were able to deliver the replacement hard disk after making me wait for more than 35 days.

But, I’m really feeling so helpless right now… :frowning:

The replacement HDD that I’ve just received - Serial No: [Deleted], Model No:WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0 is not being detected. I’ve been through the following steps in order to ensure that the fault is not at my end:

  1. Installed the drive on my system and waited for the bios settings after pressing del. It really took such a long time for the settings menu to appear and the new hard disk was still not detected.

  2. My development machine configuration: AMD Phenom X3 720 on Asus mainboard - I’m already using 2 hard disks on this, out of which one is 500GB Cavair Green. I detached and tried to use the power and data cable from my other hard drives but the new hard disk is still not being detected.

  3. Got another machine - AMD Phenom X4 945 with Asus mainboard. Tried connecting the new hard disk to the CPU; not getting detected.

Apart from this, the box that I’ve received shows 28 March 2011 as the invoice date** - not sure as to why I’ve received it on 2 May 2011 when the western digital support already had the replacement HDD ready for me.

About this very new issue, I assume that chances are that the replacement HDD got damaged during the shipping and therefore, I’m not sure if the WD Technical Services team can be held responsible for sending a replacement without testing it first but the only thing that I’m concerned about at this point of time is that I would again have to go through the long… process of first delivering it to a courier service provider who’s gonna ship it to Western Digital Service Center and then I’ll have to ping the services department again and again and might again be posting something like this post again…

** [Deleted]

Kindly save me from all this frustration.



I cannot thank you enough. Have received the following email but still waiting for the support officials to contact me and deliver the disk.


We truly apologize for the inconvenience and the delay.

A new replacement drive has been dispatched and we will share the docket details tomorrow. Furthermore, a Supervisor from our Customer Support Department will call you to provide further details.