Snyc of cloud mirror with cloud account

I would like to sync folders on my WD cloud mirror to an external storage cloud. cloud mirror seems to support remote copies to another NAS. My cloud provider (Strato Hidrive) offers several protocols for access. But as I have no Linux know how, how I can connect to the cloud. Here the access list from the cloud provider

Are you using Windows? open file  explorer and add a network location, once the wizard starts click on the view examples to see how, ex: // first time you will be prompted for usernaem and password if required.

You can then copy from your NAS shares to the share you just created.


if you to ssh to your nas to use rsync this article might help with practical examples:

I Frogot about syncing in Windows. If you must have it and in the absence of built-in functionality in the mIrror (which I don’t know much about)  you can use sync toy from Microsoft.

I sync my work folders (on laptop) on my cloud (cannot afford 3 TB storage :smiley:) with Microsoft OneDrive using  SyncToy which can be scheduled to sync at certain times or continuously. See the help menu in the app on how to schedule it plus other tips. Obvisouly you will need to keep PC if you want it continuously on or you can sechedule it to sync whevever you switch Your PC on.

Which in my case it does not matter, since I don’t use both at the same time. OneDrive available everywhere and when I get home I don’t have to remember which file I modified. Just run sync.

download here.

Just an idea.