Snap Crackle Pop Audio

I have had a consistent problem from the first day last December.  It’s simply annoying.  It doesn’t matter what the format of the video is, but during playback there are random snap, crackles and pops.  Anyone else experience this?

I run the audo through a Bose Lifestyle system and I have an external switch that auto changes between the WD, cablebox and Wii.  I have connected without all of these accessories and get the same result so I am not sure where else to look.


What are you using to convert and is this happening even to ISO’s? I had this issue a few times and it was just a program used to convert the DVD.

I’ve used handbrake mostly.  Some files I got from friends or even from my Canon Vixia camera.  You will even hear the snap, crackles, pops sometimes when no file is playing at all and I am simply working my way through menus on the WD HD Live.  You definitely hear it more when a video file is playing, though.

I don’t think it is coming from the files…

How are you connected?   Analog?  TosLink? HDMI?

How is it if you connect via the AV audio lead to say your TV.

That I can’t answer.  My TV has no audio as it is a monitor only.

I have a Bose Lifestyle which unfortunately is limited on the ability without buying added hardware.  I currently run it through standard l/r rca connectors to the unit.