Snagfilms not working

Snagfilms does not work. I’m only getting audio, no video. Why? can anyone help. I contacted WD, They couldn’t help either.

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Is this the only service only providing audio but no video in your WD TV Live Hub? Have you used the service before? What have you tried so far?


Thanks for your response back. Yes that is the only service that  I have that issue with.

I’ve tried resetting my WD TV Live.  I have also tried downgrading my firmware to a previous version, then back to the present version with no success. Additionally, " the save as Favorites" function does not work in the present firmware either. The other services seem to work fine with no video or audio problems.

I talked to a Rep this morning. His answer was, If I tried resetting and downgrading the firmware, my WDTV Live is defective and it needs to be replaced. Just because one app on the player does not work. Everything else is fine. Honestly, It didn’t quite make sense to me. Can you believe that ! My Box is out of warranty so it won’t be replaced. He didn’t even offer a good deal on a new one. I was just hoping that the issue could be fixed. No Problem, Other companies are coming out with boxes. Good bye WD.

Expect more and more apps to stop working because last fw has been published almost 2 years ago. And device itself has been discontinued for a year.

Ok. Thanks very much for your response. I didn’t know that the WDTV Live was discontinued. The Rep didn’t tell me about that. Thanks again. The box was good for watching movies from an external hardrive, However, I just found out yesterday that another company came out with a new media player which also plays movies from an external hardrive and streams movies. It’s getting good reviews. Thanks again.

No problem. I am awaiting to see what new box from WD will be, and than I will decide what should I get next.

Can you please fill survey and leave comments that can contribute to creating new device?

slowfingers55 wrote:
Ok. Thanks very much for your response. I didn’t know that the WDTV Live was discontinued.

you’ve probably posted in the Wrong Forum …

this forum is for the WDTV Live Hub (which is a ‘legacy product’ effectively ‘discontinued’)



So is SMP

foetus wrote:
So is SMP

Says who ?   WD havent resigned it to a  “Legacy Product”  not yet, anyways

Sorry. I posted in the wrong forum. I just recently joined. Thanks for your help