SN850 restart problems

I have 2 NVME drives. The Samsung 950PRO in m2_slot3 (this is x3 drive). This shuts down and restarts fine.

The WD Black SN850 installed a clean version of Windows10. (removed all other drives)
When shutting down and power on its fine and fast. When I do a restart it seems to go into bios self check? (basically the fans all spin up and then after a while switches off and then starts up again. Like when you change certain options in bios. This is in m2_slot1 (PCIx4)

If I put the WD SN850 into m2_slot3 (PCIx3) the system reboots fast and fine.

Please help I want to use my SN850 in PCIx4 that is the reason i bought it

Anyone going to help resolve this? If i dont get a reply shortly i will be sending this pos back.

Please contact the manufacturer of the mainboard!