SN850 2TB Running Hot?

Hi I just purchased a 2 TB SN850. At idle the SSD reports 68 deg. C.

It gets up to 89 deg. C under load, this seems very high.

The SSD is installed in a Gigabyte X570 master under a heatsink.

I have a FireCuda 520 2TB in the same system that never gets above 52 degree C.

Does anyone know the impact of these temperatures? They will only get worse as the winter passes into summer and my ambient room temperatures increase.

I can still return the SSD and I am contemplating doing so.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

It’s fast, but it will It will getting very hot under heavy load.
I don’t know if that’s a problem because you will get a 5-year (limited) warranty.

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For an idle situation already to high.

Yep … that’s very high to me also.

Is the cooling of the system case sufficient ?

Yes case cooling is fine. No other component heats up including the RTX 3080.
Also, The 2TB Firecuda 520 never gets above 66 degree and is on the same MB.
The SSD’s are also under heat sinks. Gigiabyte X570 Master MB