SN850 1TB disconnects after idle

The drive disconnects sometimes after idling. It gives an event 11 error in event viewer with stornvme.sys. The drive does not show up in the dashboard and the files couldn’t be opened. It works fine after shutting down and booting the pc back up. It does not disconnect if I am constantly using the pc.
The firmware version of the sn850 is 611110WD.
Edit: Event 129 also shows up in even viewer before event 11 goes off.

Look here, the problem seems to be very similar:

WD_Black SN850 not detected by BIOS on bootup from power-off - WD SSD Products / WD SSD Drives & Software - WD Community

Interestingly my problem is the opposite. Cold boot works for me and the drive functions as usual. Its only when the pc is not in use while on for a while the drive just disconnects.