SN770 Problems - not detected and transfer fail


I have several issues with my recent purchase of a SN 770. I want to use it as an external SSD, so I bought a Ugreen enclosure and placed it inside. However, two problems arise and if they are not resolved, I will return it:

  • On Windows, I initialized the SSD via Disk Manager, I wanted to check the status of the SSD but it is not detected by either Dashboard or WD Drive Utilities, although it appears in WD Discovery. So I cannot update it.
  • On Android, I connect it to an S23 and when I copy several hundred files (such as photos) via various utilities, it crashes after about a hundred files and tells me that the device is switching to read-only mode to prevent data loss. I then have to restart the phone and reconnect the SSD to a computer to “repair” it.

Is this because I am using an internal SSD as an external one, or are these common issues (I haven’t found anything on the internet that suggests this)?

Have a good day.

Best regards, AceSonyx

For the first issue, it is almost certainly due to the Ugreen enclosure. Device detection in Dashboard requires that the device reports as a Western Digital product & its identification data matches how the firmware update database is configured. Often times external enclosures will somehow change how the drive is identified which breaks those checks so the device either will not be visible in the software or the configured firmware updates won’t be detected.

If you attach the drive to an internal port on the system you should not have any issue checking for a firmware update, then you can return it to the enclosure if you like.