SN770 Drivers Help

I just cloned an older M.2 SATA drive onto my new WD SN770 NVME drive. After installing the new drive I was unable to boot into windows. I used a Windows install disk to run a “repair” and it enabled me to boot from the drive. It installed the Standard NVME Express Controller. Is this the correct driver for this drive or is there something better? Right now Windows Device Manager shows, under storage controllers:
Intel Chipset SATA/PCIE RST Premium Controller (this was the original controller I used for the previous SATA drive and a current 2.6" SATA storage drive)
Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller (I think this is required)
Standard NVME Express Controller (this is the one I’m curious is the optimum driver or not).


Going to say yes. I’ve got a WD SN550 and both of the latter mentioned controllers are installed.