Sn750 1tb intermittent fault

Hi there. I’m having issues with a new 1tb wd black sn750 nvme m.2 drive that I got yesterday.

First off the drive is in the second m.2 slot on my motherboard. Also it worked perfectly fine for the first 5 hours I used it.

The drive started disappearing at boot. Sometimes it shows. Sometimes it doesnt. If it doesnt show then a reboot or 2 will make it appear. When it does show, it works for hours perfectly fine. No performance or stability issues.

Can anyone help shed light on what’s going on?

Bad connector-slot ?

Take it out and re-install the SSD into the second slot again and see what is happening … or even better, put it into the first slot.

I think you’re right. My problem is m.2 slot 2. I took it out yesterday and ran the drive in m.2 slot 1 for 6 hours and it didn’t disappear once. I put the drive back in slot 2 and it disappeared at boot straight away. I had to use the reset switch to reset the computer to make it show up in bios.

I cant run the wd drive in slot 1 permanently. I already have a 2tb sabrant rocket m.2 pci-e gen 4 drive that needs to run in slot 1. So I’m stuck using slot 2.

I have a workaround I’m using. Once the drive shows up its fully functional. I’m basically keeping my system switched on with windows loaded. I’ve learned that I can reboot windows as many times as I want and the drive wont disappear. It’s only when its powered off that the drive can disappear.

I’m going to try updating my bios and the firmware for the drive. Maybe something in there will help.