SN550 sudden detection problems on X99 board

Hi all,

anybody experienced something similar before?

I have built a new computer out of some used and some new parts. It is a Xeon E5-2683v3 (Haswell-E, 14 Cores, 2.0GHz) on an Asus X99E-WS Board with Quad Channel 4x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sports RAM. I got a brand-new WD Blue SN550 1TB drive for this configuration and put it into the NVMe Slot (supports PCIe only and the drive is PCIe).

The NVMe got delivered with the latest firmware already, the board got a BIOS-Upgrade in the first step.

The whole thing worked perfectly for about one week.

Out of the sudden, the computer refused to boot and opened the UEFI Setup. I pressed the reset button and the system booted.

It seems that I need to wait for a little more than a minute before pressing the reset button, otherwise I will end up in the UEFI Setup again, and with the next reboot finally can boot. If I wait for one minute after the first attempt before resetting, it works fine.

This behavior is exactly the same, no matter if it is the first cold boot of the day or if the computer was running for 10 hours, is shut down and immediately switched on again, so I don’t expect a thermal issue.

Resetting the CMOS did not change anything. CSM is disabled (UEFI Boot), but also with enabled CSM (Legacy Boot), the behavior is exactly the same. With enabled CSM (so I get a list of all installed drives, which are, in addition to the SN550, a WD80EMAZ shucked from an Elements drive and an LG BluRay recorder, I don’t get this list when in CSM Disabled/UEFI mode due to the way the BIOS is programmed), you can even exactly see that the computer is not able to detect the NVMe at all, it appears in the list of drives only after the one minute waiting and reset.

A Transcend 128GB PCIe NVMe (also PCIe 4 Lane, like the SN550) which I got for testing and diagnostic purposes, works perfectly on the board, so it is not the board or CPU.

For me it looks like an RMA, but maybe somebody knows this issue and a secret setting that I did not find yet.

Thanks in advance

I am having similar problems. I have a 500Mb Black WDS500 that has worked ok for a year (I think) but now if my system is left on for a couple of hours when I get back to it it has a black screen and a message telling me it can’t find any boot device. Only a power off/on revives it and it then boots normally. I have tried to get an advanced RMA but the system isn’t allowing me to do so.
is this to be expected from WD support UK?