SMR & Trim on a WD10SPZX under Vista

Good morning,

I have recently purchased a WD Blue mobile 1To (WD10SPZX) in order to replace the stock HGST HDD that was in my old Toshiba Laptop under Vista 32, because it had broken down.

I unfortunately realized afterwards that this HDD relies on SMR technology. This info was provided nowhere: nor on WD pages nor on the retailer site. Of course, the high cache size should have alerted me, but it is only when I observed very irregular performances in write and defrag operations, and the availability of the TRIM command under CrystalDiskInfo, that I understood my double mistake: this HDD is not suitable as a system disk, and still less for Vista that does not support TRIM.

So here is my question: other manufacturers such as Intel or Samsung have developped their own utility to bring a TRIM like feature under Vista (for SSD, but it is the same principle). Is there, please, a similar tool for WD HDD using SMR that can be run under Vista to optimize the disk, in order to limit the drawbacks of the technology ?

Thanks in advance.

maybe consider upgrading your 16 year old OS to limit it’s drawbacks of it supporting new technology ?

If WD don’t offer a solution, then either updating your OS or buying Samsung will be your only choice (until Samsung decide to drop support for Vista then there’s only one choice left.)

I don’t know why, but I was expecting this kind of answer, thanks anyway for your interest…
If I don’t update the OS on this laptop, it is because I only use the device a few days a year when I am in my second home, so I don’t want to purchase a Windows 7 licence, and in addition, the manufacturer does not provide all the needed drivers for Windows 7.
Sorry if I bored someone with those exciting details of my life…

a new laptop with all the OS and Hardware support you require … won’t cost you a third home.

Well, when you’re using an outdated OS which is no longer supported and on what sounds like outdated hardware as well (no Win7 drivers) … i don’t know what other answer you were expecting ?

I’m very happy with XP and don’t expect to switch anytime soon even though some retardeds want to convince me to install the c.r.a.p W10