SMP unstable and losing power

My WD TV Live Streaming media player is very unstable…

If i put it in standy (one quick press on remote power off button), after a while i couldnt get it on anymore with the remote…

I have to pull the power adapter off and on again to get power again…

Also when i play movies, the complete player hangs after approx 20-30 min. 

First i thought it was the heat so i removed the SMP to a place with lots of air around it, but it didnt help.

Other problem is the attached USB harddrive… I could connect to it via wireless connection on the SMP, even when the SMP is in standby mode. But after couple of minutes the USB HDD lost connection with the network…

Then i have to power off the SMP and power on again…

Anyone also with problems like i have?

What firmware are you using? I really suspicious of a device that freezes like a clock, every 20 to 30 minutes, you might have a faulty device.

Yes i had these problems and returned the unit. Im staying with WDTV Live older version till problems are ironed out with new unit, aka firmware and looking like bad batch of models.

Im using the last firmware for this device…

So maybe its bad firmware, maybe its bad batch of models. 

But i dont read here of other users with same problems except for madweegie

other uses had problems on the other forum i use bud.

Honestly it could well be firmware, but i do believe a few of us have had a bad batch of models.

I returned de device to the shop and got a new one.

This one is a little better, cause it dont hangs anymore while playing movies.

But the problem exist with standby mode. If i put the device in standby, the attached USB drive is still accessable via (wireless) network. Wich is good, cause i want to download files to it when de player is in standby.

But after 10 or 15 minutes, i loose connection to the USB drive. And when i want to put on the player again, with the remote, nothing happens. I have to power off the device by unplugging the power cord, and power on again.

I looks like that the device shuts down itself after time when in standby mode. Are there hidden settings for this?

Keep in mind that the problem may actually be with the attached usb HDD.   I have six 500GB 2.5" HDDs that are used for backups on the family’s laptops.   Some of these drives will spin down after 10 to 15 minutes to conserve power.   I wonder if your drive is spinning down and the SMP is hanging as a result.

Ok I have a My Book Essential 500GB

SO i read i can use WD SmartWare to set the sleep timer…

I’ll will test if that makes a difference