SMP stops communicating - perpetual circle arrow

I ahven’t been onthis board much beucase my player works pretty well for what I want  – watching movies streamed from my PC. However, about once every other week or so I get a loss of communication.When selecting a file to stream, I will get the circle arrow thing and it just goes on and on. i cannot select anyhting. Rebooting teh PC does nothing; rebooting the SMP (turning it off then on via power button) does nothing. The only thign that works is reaching behind the SMP unplugging it then plugging it back in (hard boot). Then everyhting wokrs fine, except when I first select my folders, it tells me that there was a loss of communication and I have to re-select network share>windows>the name of my PC. then everyhitng works.

We leave the player on all of the time and this usually happens when we first sit down to watch something. Occaisionally (1 out of 10 times) a movie or file will stop playing while we are watching it and we have to do hard boot thing.

Any thoughts?

Are you on the latest firmware? (1.07)

I think that was one of the issues fixed in that one.

If not, I can only suggest re-booting from the menu so you don’t have to pull the cord.

It’s in the system menu somewhere…labelled “restart device”.

I will try that tonight. I have old firmware. I think from about a year ago. I only use the device for streaming music and movies from my PC, so I dpn’t care about netflix, facebook, ipod, etc. I will read up on the firmware and see what might eb best.

Thanks for your help.

You might be on the wrong forum then.

This is for the WDTV Live SMP (with built-in wifi).

It was only released in October.

I don’t know anything about the other WDTV units.

you’re right, I bought it in Ocotber of last year, but it is the SMP, not the hub. I have an older standard TV live, so i thin I was just confused.

My firmware is 1.06.04. I don’t see my problem mentioned in the enw firmware. I also don’t ahve any problems with mp4s, so I am hesitant to upgrade. Anything worth upgfrading for?