SMP rebooting (looping)

Strange thing yesterday, while watching a video, it suddenly stopped and rebooted, thought it was strange and decided to wait for it to finish, while booting it came up then booted again, then again, after several times I decided to unplug it unit and see it a hard boot would correct this, Did the same thing again. I even unplugged all connected harddrives and left the SMP plugged in and it kept rebooting. I then did a reset of the device (pin in the reset slot) and it came back up ok, I re-entered my network WIFI info and all came back up, I then plugged in my hard drives and then connected and compiled normally, selected the video I was watching and to my surprise it found where I left off (Resume). Seems to be OK now but makes me think there may be a problem. FYI, the SMP is plugged into a surge protector and I didn’t experience a power outage or flicker.

Anyone else experience this issue?

very odd timing, I’ve never had that exact process happen

as for boot loop

it’s actually pretty easy to put the device into a boot loop

example if a user theme has a misformed xml

it will boot loop

Thanks, not using a user theme, just the one that came with the SMP, maybe it’s the hard drive and the file it was playing, it wouldn’t surprise me that a file (in this case) a MP4 would do that. It could be that when it was converted it had a bad sector or something and it caused the hiccup and it didn’t know where to go next, Funny, like I said it picked up where it left off with no problem after that. WIERD!