SMP not downloading backdrop folder

I added my NAS to the SMP and did a total media library compiling. I then add a new episode to a tv show in the folder structure:

Tv-series/Homeland/Season 1

SMP doesnt recognize the new episode, so I do a rescan of the episode and it finds the metadata, but the backdrop folder isnt downloaded with it like it is for the rest of the episodes from when I did the media library compiling.

Each episode in the season 1 folder has its own .homeland.sxx.exx.backdrop folder. In that folder are one or more files named backdropxx.jpg.

When I press options for the newly added file I can rescan to get metadata.

After that I press options again “view backdrop photos” is suddenly available and I can see the photos in there. When I check the same folder on my NAS there is suddenly a folder created named .homeland.backdrop. Season and episode sxx.exx is not added to the foldername. In that folder are also one or more files, but they are suddenly named fanart_originalxx.jpg and fanart_thumbxx.jpb. Therefore the SMP will not show the backdrop photos for that file.

How do I force the SMP to also get the correct backdrops from episodes I add later? As it is now I have to restart the SMP everytime I add new files.

The backdrop folder isn’t created during the metadata collection.   It’s created when the backdrops are actually DISPLAYED.