SMP + My Book World Edition 1st Edition... Metadata issues

So after asking a few questions on the site, and being really happy with the responses, i took the plunge and picked up the SMP. Its a really nice piece of kit, and the wireless streaming from my 1TB My Book World Edition 1st Edition is really top notch. However, i’m having trouble (like everyone else it seems) getting the meta data to work on my network share. Even if i press the Option button on the remote, it does nothing, so i can’t manually search for the film/tv show details.

I’ve made sure to upgrade to the latest firmware on both systems.

I cleared all the login details for the network shares and logged in under “admin” so i have read/write permissions.

I think the My Book World Edition is running on the twonkey software, but i’m not entirely sure what Twonkey is…

Any ideas on how to fix this, or should i just get a new NAS drive?

If so, should i pick up the My Book Live, as this seems to be paired with the SMP a bit more closely.

Thanks for any help, advice

If you’re accessing it via “Network Share,” then Twonky has nothing to do with it.

If you’re accessing it via “Media Server,” then metadata will never appear.

You should NOT need to get a new NAS.   If you are using Network share, then:

2> Go to SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / Library Manager … and DELETE all listed servers
3> Go to your NAS and make sure the WDTV has WRITE access to the share(s)
4> Reboot your WDTV
5> Re-Connect to your Servers / Shares

… after all “Compiling Media Library” is complete,

6> Press the RED BUTTON and change the content source to “My Media Library.”

You should then see the option to Get Content Info in the OPTION menu.

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Tony, you legend… you deserve 2 boiled eggs in the morning.



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