SMP Hostname shows as "unknown" on DHCP server

Anyone else seen this…   The default as shipped from WD is “WDTVLive”…  You can set it to almost anything you want…

But no matter what it’s REALLY set to, it usually shows as “unknown” if you look at the client list on your DHCP server.

For some reason, it occasionally shows the correct name, but 95% of the time it’s wrong.



If you try to map it using the correct name, it will be recognized, so that appears to be only from the client list. 

Thanks  I don’t really understand your answer, but I’m starting to think the problem is not in the SMP, but instead in the DHCP server…   The server is in  a Verizon MIFI unit, BTW.  

It spooks me when I have every device setup with a unique name, but then I see “unknown”…  Makes me wonder who might have hacked into my WIFI network.