Newbee here!!

So i brought the SMP and love it , i think its great, and the Get content info Scraping tool is one of my favourite features,.

My question is , I recently brought the slightly older Model WDTV Live Plus, for my bedroom.

I want to know if it is possible to have the Thumbnails generated by the get content info on the SMP,

Display on my LIVE PLUS!!!

Is the Info Backwards compatible… obviously the Backgrounds…ie Movie sheets aren’t but …Unless they are ???

Maybe its just me but it seems like such a waste of time having to use ThumbGEN so that they will work

Can someone please help , I’d Much appreciate it

May need to confirm but no, you need to generate .jpgs for the movie thumbnails - the SMP generates metathumbs from the in-built scraper.

No, it’s not possible to use the info generated by the SMP to use on the older style Live PLUS.

No, moviesheets are also not compatible - in fact the Live PLUS does not have a moviesheet function.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any experience with the Live PLUS?  The UI is completely different from the SMP and does not have any of the features that you are mentioning.  There is firmware available but is not supported by WD and this isn’t the appropiate forum to talk about it. 


So yeah I have both the systems and I’m aware they have completely different
UI was just hoping there was an easy way to use the thumbnails from smp on my live,
Rather then Having to use a program like thumbgen for the live plus

Actually, metathumbs are just jpg, and the SMP will also use jpgs.

It’s farily easy to make the thumbnails (cover art) compatible with both the SMP on Live/Live Plus.  Just create a new text document and copy this to it:

ren *.metathumb *.jpg

Save the text document, then rename it from .txt to .bat.

Copy the bat file to any folder were you have your thumbnails, then double click on it to run it.  This will convert any .metathumb to .jpg so you can use the same thumb on both players.

NOTE:  If your files are on a NAS or HDD contected via USB to the SMP, you will need to map that drive on your PC for it to work.

Hey thanks,

That worked a treat now all thumbs are showing up in my WDTV live plus aswell!!!

So…out of curiosity, a friend of mine has a special firmware… would the scraped… metadata from the smp work as moviesheets? on the special firmware for wdtv live plus…

surely there must be a way to get it to work somehow