SMP cannot play files after wakeup from Standby

This is an off-shoot of one of my earlier threads ( that brings up a separate, yet related issue and I am wondering if anyone else has any advice.

After listening to some of the input from my earlier thread and turning off the device after use, I now remember the actual reason why I never turned the device off in the first place – once I turn it back on, while it re-compiles my library and displays all my files, it actually doesn’t play those files anymore.  All I get is the spinning arrow, nothing else.  So, in the past, as I now recall it, I kept it always on to not have to go through with having to reset my device to access my files.  However, as I also mentioned in my other thread, the device turns off by itself after a week or so of being on 24/7 (overheating?) and I end up having to reset the device anyway.

Anyone else coming across this problem?  What could I possibly have done wrong (if anything) to create this problem?  Just to clarify as to my set-up: I have a 1 TB NAS connected to the home network; I connected to it through the “Windows Shares” option on initial media library set-up; my SMP is connected to the network via wi-fi and the signal is pretty strong (3 bars).  I have also tried completely restoring/reseting the device and rebuilding the media library, but I am still only able to access my files initially and have no access after I turn it off and then back on minutes/hours later.

Do I just have  a buggy device or is this something others experience/have experienced too and have a workaround for it?  If it is something unique to my device I will just do a simple exchange, but if not, I will, with great regret, just end up returning it.

Hoping it is option 1… :slight_smile:

You must have a bad device, I have not turn off my WD TV since the first day I go it,  As with my WD TV Live Hub, I always put the drive in standby. My WD TV Streamer do not turn off by it self, but it is located in a place where it have a good ventilation, so, overheating is not an issue.

Try to exchange for another one.

I get that issue also.  As long as I leave it turned on, it works indefinitely.  If I put it into standby, I can no longer see my files until I clear the network username/password and enter it again, which resolves it until the next time it goes into standby.

Well, I hadn’t heard from anyone up to yesterday evening, so I just ended up returning it. :frowning:

  I probably will go back to it again once the device goes back on sale.  Maybe it was just my device; we’ll see in the future