Smooth Scrolling

Why is it that smooth scrolling is on the front menu of the WD Live TV but on no other menu???

The rest of the menu’s and the movie selection jump like a 90’s pc.

Looks really amateurish and another why XBMC should be on the WD live TV.

Also, when I queried as to why XBMC isn’t available on WDLTV I was told it’s because there isn’t a 3d engine on the box, then how is the front screen scrolling smoothly and looking like it has 3 dimensions?

They’re just a couple questions that I don’t suppose there is an answer to and even if the box could take XBMC I don’t think WD would allow it.

As the search function reveals, Sigma chips as used in the LIVE are incapabale of supporting XBMC. Only one of their latest chip developments released this year does.