Smbd process consuming cpu

I am running the latest firmware (1.05.25) and the smbd process keeps using 80+% of the cpu. A reboot gets around the problem for a day or two, but then it comes back.

The only activity right now is a PC doing a file backup. 

I guess it is reboot time again… I hope there is a solution to this soon.

By disabling the file backup from the PC, the cpu usage dropped way down. The file backup seems to never complete. Yesterday it had 10GB of files, this morning it is almost 16GB, yet the system has been hardly used.

Of course.  The smbd process is what’s moving data.

now that the backup has restarted, the cpu is once again consumed. This would be okay if the backup would ever finish or the smdb process would stop consuming the system.

On the PC the ‘smartware’ program keeps claming I need to log into the mycloud mirror. By clcking on the image, it does login in. But then several hours later, right back to needing to log in.

The network is wireless and I have yet to find anything wrong. It is a very strong signal, and I haven’t seen dropouts.

So a simple file backup across the network consume the cpu? I never see that from time machine. Plus the backup hasn’t been able to copy 20GB of data for 3 days. 

I just rebooted and the smbd process again consumed the system. The data rate is zero bytes being transferred.

old_curmudgeon wrote:

I just rebooted and the smbd process again consumed the system. The data rate is zero bytes being transferred. 

Check the network stats.  SMBD goes both directions, but Smartware only reports data WRITTEN.

Smartware may be busy reading data already on the drive

Smarware on the PC does not even see the disk anymore. I asks to wake it, but the drive never shows up. Meanwhile

the SMBD process continues to consume the cloud drive.

As a test I started a time machine backup, which is running extremely slowly as the cloud drive processor is consumed with the SMBD process.

I tested the network between my one mac which is on the same ethernet as the mycloud and the other mac and PC which are on wireless connected to the wifi router that the my cloud is on.

Great network performance between all systems.

By disabling the PC backup I am getting fantastic throughput between the wireless mac and the my cloud device.

the cpu usage is below 20% and the network is 5+MB second.

With the PC backup enabled it is always much much slower.

I copied from the PC (wireless) to my ethernet mac and the data transfer rate was 2.5MB/second. 

By re-installing smartware on the PC, the problem went away. Things were great for several

days and then I rebooted the mycloud device while the PC was backing up files. The problem

immediatly reappeared.

I uninstalled smartware on the PC, rebooted both the PC and the mycloud, then re-installed smartware and the problem

is now gone again.

I need to make sure the backup is disabled on the PC or the PC is shutdown before rebooting the mycloud device.