SMB settings

Sorry, newbie here. I’m trying to check out the SMB setting to use the My Cloud Home drive with the Sonos S2 app. Where can I find that setting? Thx.

The My Cloud Home (MCH) is a home personal cloud device and as with most settings in this unit, the device settings are not user accessible by design, however it could be seen by downloading the, such as shown below from this thread:

netbios name = MyCloud-0AAAAA
workgroup = WORKGROUP
max protocol = SMB3_11
min protocol = SMB2_02
ntlm auth = no

Because you mentioned Sonos S2 which has supported SMB3 since versions from 3 years ago, there should be no problem accessing the MCH from Sonos S2.

Okay thx. :+1:t3: