SMB Problem - please i 'm desperate

Hi guys 

i don’t know why but out of the blue, after the night, all my pc’s (windows and linux both) can’t mount my shares anymore.

FTP, SSH, Twonky and WD My Cloud app works, but can’t map or mount my shares.

If i browse my network i can’t even see the list of shares

I checked in twice, making a light and heavy disk check, reboot it at least 3 times.

Last firmware update was 2 weeks ago.

All i know is that yesterday (and days before) everything was working.

Today smb:\ does not work.

Is there something i could check to bring it back?


Hi , for further notice

I found my problem.

I was connecting by FTP to my nas and i found that the file



So i create from UI a new share, and the overall_shares files wrote like that

BEGIN ## sharename = ShareTest

path = /shares/ShareTest
comment = test
invalid users =
valid users = nikeb
read list =
write list = nikeb
writeable = yes
map read only = no


like i find here

Then i add this code again in the file for every share,

putting every time the name of my existing share in place of “ShareTest”

and after that i save my permissions on the WD my cloud UI.

After that it starts working on every pc…

I hope that file doesn’t crack again (for no reason)


Thank you for sharing this. Hope it helps other users.