SMB on Mac is impossibly slow in reading a large directory

So I’ll begin with “I doubt that this will ever get resolved” statement because “I really doubt that this will ever get resolved” but I’m posting it up to let any users that may have the same problems that there is a workaround as well as letting WD know that if someone can resolve this, it would be appreciated; that is after adding a menu item to turn off the media scans.

I don’t think it is a Mac problem because prior to the Cloud firmware update of 3.04, I had no problems in pulling up the 10, 557 item ebook directory. After firmware update to 3.04 and all subsequent versions, it takes about 30 minutes before the directory is shown but I usually don’t wait that long as I would change over to AFP whenever I need to access my ebooks.

The workaround is to connect via AFP as AFP usually takes less than 30 seconds to pull up the 10k item directory.

Of course this slow directory entry read affects all aspects of file navigation and manipulations, like folder copying, folder deleting and of course folder reading for navigation.

This also affects Time Machine; only for copying and deleting

Sparse bundle used by Time Machine is just a growable “hard disk” cluster of files. If you show package content you will see that it is actually a directory with bands (files) that imitates sectors of a hard drive (8.4MB in size). Thus if I attempt to copy this sparse bundle when the Cloud is mounted via SMB, it would seem to lock in the preparing stage. Eventually if you wait an hour or two (30 minutes actually), the directory finally gets read and the copying takes place. A Time Machine backup of 80GB will have about 9,617 bands (files). Mounting a sparsebundle has no problems. It is only when you attempt to copy or delete one under SMB that you realize that time has stopped and you hate WD.

For everything else, I prefer SMB as SMB has read speeds around 80MB/s versus 60MB/s for AFP.

So lets add this to the growing list of problems that has been around for 2 years coming up 3.

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Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the community.

Hope this help other users.