SMB/CIFS protocol

When I bought MyBookLIfe all what working fine with the SMB/CIFS protocol which encouraged me to buy this unit

After the first 2 weeks use a new firmware update was released in were the sleeping of the drive was corrected. From that moment the SMB/CIFS protocol is not working anymore.

For my purpose this drive lost his value namely watching movies with my Playstation2 direct from the drive.

Please developers make the things working again !!!



Have you try resetting the unit? 

Yes did reset the drive.

Now with the newer firmware still not working.

Where can I download the older firmware?



Got the  same problem.  Seemed ok when i took it out of the box.  played a litted bit.  updated to 1.04 i think.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pick up the network drives (running on windows 7) the all other devices in the house can pick up… and then sometimes it does.  Doing my head in.  Going to take it back unless this is resolved.