SMB access on WDTV Live Hub


I’m having great difficulty accessing my Freecom 500GB NAS from the WD Hub with the login credentials I used to set up access to the SMB shares from my Windows XP LAN.  I can see and access the shares if I do the counter-intuitive thing and set up guest access in the FTP section of the NAS admin panel (there is no control for SMB - it’s ‘share/don’t share’ only).

However, if I place the FTP option back to normal, ie username/pwd needed, even though the FTP names tie in, the Hub throws me out with an ‘Invalid Username’, etc., message.  I’ve naturally tried the FTP and  the original username/pwd combinations to no avail.

There appears to be no option to switch off auto-login in the Live Hub (at least, I can’t see it), but there is a ‘clear login’ option which doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve read allsorts about ‘master browsers’ and Live essentials causing SMB login issues with Windows 7, but this is XP driving simple SMB shares on a NAS.  The NAS and Hub drives are also mapped and I can move files freely via any XP machine (I can even access from my Android 'phone!).  Freeecom have nothing to offer. Have I missed a solution posted somewhere?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance

Well, if it’s a NAS, then the operating systems of your PCs have absolutely no involvement.

 there is no control for SMB - it’s ‘share/don’t share’ only

Well, it looks like the credentials are set by USER, not in the SMB configuration.

From skimming the manual, it looks like you set the access rights on a PER SHARE basis;   you are provided a list of all the users, and you can set (for each share) the acess rights as FULL / READ ONLY / or FORBIDDEN.

It may be that the Freecom is requiring / using an AUTHENTICATION mechanism that is not supported by the WDTV?

I’m not sure, but I think the WDTVs require NTLM or NTLMv2 negotation.   I’m not sure if LANMAN authentication is supported anymore.

Thanks for the quick response TonyPh12345 - really appreciated.

The key here seems to be that turning on security in the FTP section (not SMB, where there are noi options) sets up the issue.  Switching to ‘anonymous login’ and using the ‘anonymous’ WDTV default user name removes the problem.

Can’t find anywhere to switch off the auto-login still… Am I missing the obvious?? 

Will do some more digging around on the authentication side and see where it leads.

If I get a result, will post back - you never know if someone else may hit the same wall :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Yes, the AUTO LOGIN is when you click the “Remember Me” checkbox when you first log in.

If you clear login info, the next time you log in, do NOT click the REMEMBER ME checkbox.