Smarware Login Problem


I have a my Cloud 3tb device.  It was working fine but after a software upgrade my Smartware Pro backup software wont let me access the drive to do backups. I can login on any of the other platforms Dashboard mycloud etc. 

At the target drive backup screen I enter teh login information for the my cloud unit but it doesnt activate the backup Tab at the top of the screen,… 


See my earlier New Message post. I had the same problem. 



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cat0w (USA)

It’s not quite the same problem… I can see the drive and click on it and enter name and password but then it doesn’t activate the backup tab.

Can you provide a image of what you are seeing? Here is a image of my SmartWare Pro. Why do you have to login? Did you choose My Cloud?

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cat0w (USA)

My screen is exactly the same except the login message is under the mycloud… I click mycloud and enter the loging details and only the settings and help buttons at the top are available… the "login required " message stays under the mycloud option… 

Are you able to show a image of what you see? Looking at the User Manual only the content gauges should be showing under the WD My Cloud. If you set it up to be secured then look at the User Manual, Securing the Drive, P. 35-40.


Did you ever try a reboot of your My Cloud?