Purchased a WD portable essential 2 days ago. As WD has a good name I thought there wouldn’t be any problems.

Before I connected it I did as always, I ran a  virus scan and a spyware scan. I then followed all instructions about downloading software etc and low and behold found it all very easy.

Started saving files to the drive when all of a sudden my computer slowed down.  Now it has slowed so much it is taking 3 minutes to load a page.  I performed another spyware scan and  the results alerted me to 46 threats.

My computer also brings a message up that I have a corrupt file which is unreadable in the directory.

As I’m not a computer expert, could someone please advise how to fix this corupted file and also remove the software.

I’m extremely disappointed with WD to say the least.


Did you ever get this figured out?