Smartware Windows 10 Whats it really backing up

I read the HELP file on what file types are backed up, but I don’t think Smartware is finding all my files.
As an example if I check the properties for PICTURES folder in my C: drive (under a user name) = 70.3GB 28,441 files 188 folders.
The Smartware source correctly find the computer called Desktop, but the Back up Source Graph, the Pictures blue folder is only listed for 12.2MB and 210 files.
In fact the entire backup is only 1.5 GB.
I checked the ADVANCED Settings under the CATEGORY back up and all the boxes are checked.
I am lost on how to get the software to find the folders under my user name and back up the entire amount.

I did back up a laptop and got much larger, but not exact sizes for DOCUMENTS, PICTURES, and MUSIC folders.

Below is an image from my desktop showing my backup. Files from source to target should match when backup is completed. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

For more information be sure to read all the information provided plus all that under the Help tab. Here is a link to the SmartWare User Manual.

Thanks for link. I read the manual and still cant figure out why my source is not showing all the files it should. The source and target match at end of back up, BUT the source is not all my stuff.