Smartware - Win10 - CIFS - Samba - SMB - No Map - No Login to My Cloud

I have made a couple of posts here, got a couple of helpful thoughts and spent considerable personal time trying to figure out why I could not upgrade to Smartware Pro and why I could not Map shares in Windows or connect to My Cloud via Smartware. Most of my issues have been resolved.

My inability to upgrade to Smartware Pro was resolved by specifying both and in the Router DNS sources. I duplicated in order that the entire table was filled. This may not have been required. Based on a suggestion, I set WINS in Advanced TCP/IP settings to Enable LMHOSTS lookup and to the ‘Default’ Use NetBIOS from the DHCP Server. I am not sure if this was required but I did as suggested.

The issue of being unable to Map Shares and unable to log into My Cloud to use it as a Backup destination for Smartware involved a lot of time in research and time on the phone with WD support. Eventually I found the issue while preparing some log information for WD. I opened and copied every log file I could find into a doc. I noticed a plethora of ‘SAMBA’ errors. On Googling Win10 Samba I found a sad story apparently not known to WD. As I understand it (I may not be 100% here) - What used to be CIFS is now SAMBA and it comes in three versions - SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3. About two years ago Win10 was changed to require a different authentication than SMB2 provided. Smartware defaults to SMB2 (apparently for Win8). All it took to allow Mapping Shares and Connecting to My Cloud was to go into the My Cloud Dashboard - Settings - Network and change SMB2 to SMB1. SMB3 did not work.

I cannot begin to express how much networking information I have read and fixes I have explored only to eventually find a 10 second fix identified from WD error logs by my own efforts but not by WD. I am grateful for the suggestions I did receive both from WD and this forum but considering the number of posts referencing various manifestations of these issues something does not seem right. Per the net this is a well known issue but not cross referenced to Smartware. I hope this post helps others.


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Use the My Cloud Dashboard
Go to Settings - Network - Windows Services - Max SMB Protocol
and set it to ‘SMB 1’ if it is not.


Thanks for sharing this with the community.