Smartware will not open


Hi, I’ve installed Smartware from My Passport, and also downloaded it from WD at least 15 times.
Uninstalled and re installed with virus checker on and virus checker off.
Every time it installs but will not open.
The other apps will run but Smartware does not.

Any help gratefully received, been trying for 6 hours now!!

Thank you


ps this has occurred after reinstalling windows 8.1, it worked before that.

Also this message quickly flashes up then disappears

Provide value on ‘system windows bam 12006 type converter mark up extension’ threw an extension


Sounds like a Windows problem. Why not try help on Microsoft.

You can also try WD Backup. Make sure you get a download screen that matches your Passport. They seem to vary.



Thanks Cliff

Smartware has suddenly opened!! Having said that I will try Backup as I’ve never found Smartware user friendly to retrieve files

Thanks again



If you go to WD Backup and transfer your Smartware files to Backup, be sure to remove the WD Smartware.swstor folder where the files are now.