Smartware WD arrogance

I have been reading through all the threads on this topic and I have posted before. The comments from bill_s astound me. As I said in an earlier post there is no logic behind this move to hard wire something that  many buyers do not want, can’t be removed (the VCD) and doesn’t work that well. To say this is not going to go away and WD will be continuing with it also defies logic. Again I ask for an explanation from WD as to why they are doing this and in the process alienating many loyal users.

Why in heavens name would this once well regarded company do this? By making Smartware completely optional and VCD removable they would not experience any of this bad press. bill_s can say as many times as he likes that you can buy a different drive etc. but this still begs the question as to why do this in the first place.

The responses from WD are beginning to smack of arrogance.

Arrogance?  Have you re-read your own post, along with the others that pertain to this?

The VCD is _ NECESSARY _ for the locking/unlocking encryption abilities of the encryptable drives.  It _ CAN’T _ be removed from the encryptable drives without taking away the encryption abilities.

Anyone who doesn’t want the encryption can save money by buying a drive that doesn’t offer encryption.

According to you, there’s no logic behind offering drives with encryption to those who wish encryptable drives??

According to you, there’s no logic behind actually allowing an encryptable drive to be “locked” and “unlocked”??

The answer to your “why do this in the first place?” question is that many users _ WANT _ the encryption.

Are you really saying that WD shouldn’t be allowed to sell encryptable drives because it’s not what _ you _ personally want to buy?  And then you accuse WD of arrogance?

It’s not going away on the encryptable drives, because the encryptable drives NEED it.

WD has no apparent intentions of not making encryptable drives, because users _ WANT _ them.

WD sells many other drives that aren’t encryptable and don’t have the VCD.  It’s the consumer’s choice which drive to buy… if you pay extra for an encryptable drive, you shouldn’t be surprised that it’s encryptable and has the necessary components for that encryption.