Smartware vs drag and drop

I just purchased a My Passport Essential (500 GB) for the sole purpose of having a back up copy of all my pictures, videos, and music. I followed the instructions and installed the WD SmartWare Software (although I wish I had not done so now) and I have successfully backed up my files on my laptop. I now want to add older pictures that are burned on CDs to the My Passport to back those up as well. How do I accomplish this? I do not see how to do that using the software. I would have preferred to NOT use the software and just drag and drop the files that I actually want to back up. Is it too late? What do I need to do? I know I can uninstall the software, but what about the backup it already performed? How I do I get rid of that back up so I don’t loose that space on the drive?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Ok, to add new files to the backup just copy the files to your computer and smartware will do a copy automatically to the passport. If you don’t want to use smartware anymore just uninstall it, explore the passport and delete the backup folder that has the name smartware.swstor.

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