Smartware Version to Temporarily Fix

Hey Smartware Users, :smiley:

There seems to be an issue with the smartware update to Apparently this are the symptoms.

  • It does not update (still shows old version)

  • It deletes smartware from my  PC/MAC (leaving a lonely empty smartware folder)

  • It makes your VCD dissapear

This is of course a shame. Especially when you have files on the drive and you cannot get it off.

So for the people that want to re-install the software but want to update till (the working one). I found a temporarily fix to help you.

  • Please uninstall the software

  • Reboot :neutral_face:

  • Install the smartware version from the Virtual CD


  • Follow this link below and download the version (1 before the and install this.

Smartware download

This should temporarily fix your problem with the smartware.

For the people that can no longer see there VCD, please go to another computer and install only uptill and get your files.

Let’s hope WD will fix this issue soon! :smileyvery-happy:



(reposted from “Smartware crashes!!”  thread)

Following the installation of Microsoft’s KB982524 for XP and Server 2003 (distributed via autoupdate on Tuesday, Jume 22), the crash issue is apparently resolved.

Version was removed, the “WD SmartWare.swstor” folder was renamed to preserve its files, and the system was restarted.

The verrsion was then installed and a backup taken. It has worked falwlessly since, and a significant performance improvement over the older version was noted.

More information on KB982524 may be found at




there is nothing resolved. nothing with the microsoft update. it is a shame. Nothing work. after update the update is erasing the wd smartware an after reboot its reinstall the wd ses driver. **bleep** off WD! Give my money back you **bleep**in guys in the **bleep**in usa!