Smartware - User selected Schedule times for increase Smartware activity

Sometimes I go home from work.  I would like to be able to increase the activity of the Smartware program during those times, I leave the computer on and a slow fan on my MyCloudMirror.

I have been running Smartware for over 2 weeks continously.  I have over 800,000 files and 330 GB to backup initially.

So far it has done approx 120,000 files and 22 GB.

I dont know if this is an option, maybe its as fast as Smartware can go.  I know there is a lot of indexing etc.

I have updated to Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2 and this increased the throughput approx 10%

I had the earlier version for another WD hard drive backup and that used to drain the computer resouces so much it wasnt worth using.  The current normal activity of Smartware is probably just about right once the initial backup is complete

Idea approved for voting.