Smartware useage problems

  1. saddelled with v1.0 of Smartware c/w a 2tb external Wd drive in Jan/2010 which has never worked as I required.

a) how can I upgrade to newest version?

b) will any version enable me to backup a mapped remote server ie: network sever as we do not store any files on our c: drive?

c) if not, the can I remove/reformat the drive and use windows software to back up the server files.

note: server files total over 500gig per backup. if so how?


Ron Brown

what WD external you use ? 

a: Simply you can just download latest version and install it on top your previous installation

OR you can remove/uninstall your previous Smartware, reboot and reinstall latest version (personal recommendation)

b: Smartware only for WD external drive and AFAIK you need to use network storage ( to let you to backup  using network connection

c: can’t answer without you providing information which External WD drive you use 

model wdbaaf0020hbk-nesn - My book Essential - 2tb external drive

Can WD Anywhere Backup software work with this external drive?

If so, do I need to clean out/format the drive before I use it as there is the Smartware software on it and a number of backup attempts (garbage) on the drive also.?

Another potential problem is that we have Trend Micro - Office Scan Anitvirus software running on all computers any are not allowed to turn it off for any reason. City of Edmonton regulation for office staff.

thanks for your assistance

ps: also known as RonBro - do not know why it created another logon??

Ron Brown

although i am not sure it will work, but you can try as i dont see it will do any harm 

and you don’t need to format your drive to try it

but you might want to uninstall smartware first, because there possibilities same WD services between smartware and wd anywhere backup which can conflicting each other

for antivirus, no need to turn off, well it might good idea to add WD software apps to antivirus exception list 

※you might need admin privileges to do this