Smartware updater

why do we have to download the a new updater with every single update release?  isn’t it better to just download the smartware directly or putting only one updater version?

if there is a direct links please post them.

and my drive won’t remove safely windows and smartware say its in use by a program.

the drive is my passport essential se 1tb usb 2.0

Actually Each Updater is a new Package of software with new features / fixed bugs , So YES you will need to download the updater each time you want to update your software , however remenber that it is NOT Obligatory.

2nd , if You are Unable to safely remove the unit , you Could Turn off the Computer and then Disconnect the Drive out of your Computer

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

one alst question does formating the drive get rid off the virtual CD?

Nothing will actually get rid of  the virtual CD. There is software download that will hide it. I just disabled min in the device Manager.


That’s right Joe :slight_smile: