SmartWare update problem

I have been using WD SoftWare Pro, but after updating the program(2.4.2) tells me my 30 day trial has expired? How do I get the Pro feature back?

Did you get an activation code? If you did then you will need to enter it and probable your email address that you provided WD.

When you use SmartWare is there a gold key or gold calendar showing? If there is then click on that.

You can search the knowledge base for more information.

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cat0w (USA)

I have the same problem.  Even though it indicates I have a drive that is eligible for upgrade, I get an error indicating I need to insert an activation code which I don’t have since the downloaded update doesn’t supply one. I’ve read the different articles WD put out and followed the instructions in the manuals to no avail. It seems WD wants me to re-purchase what I’ve already bought since “by design” you can not ugrade if the My Passport Ultra is attached to the computer. I’ve sent WD an email but for some reason I’m not receiving their emails back to me either as spam, junk or actual.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem so maybe somebody has found the real answer.


8 Sep 14

I received an email reply directly from WDC support this AM.  Since I can get emails from Support, WDC’s automated email function doesn’t seem to work.  Although I got the code, it still doesn’t answer the question as to why we can’t activate the software using WDC’s automated upgrade function.  Also, there’s at least 3 ‘instructions’ (User’s Manual, 2 WDC articles I know about) on how to install the software, neither of which is totally correct. Maybe one of you salvy techs out there can put together some realtime instructions.  Thanks

This may be a different issue. The instructions for installing the My Passport Ultra is to cancel the “Found New Hardware” driver installer because the WD Smartware will install the driver. Another instruction indicates going to the “Extra” folder on the drive and install the SES driver.  I observed these: 1)installing Smartware doesn’t appear to install any drivers that the OS will recognize; 2) in Device Manager, PNP install names the drive “Disk Drive” and assigns a 2006 Windows driver; 3) Installing the SES driver names the drive, in my case, “WD My Passport 0820 USB Device” in Device Manager BUT, the driver is still shown as a 2006 Windows Driver which is labeled by MS as a "gerneric’ disk dirver.  Is this simply a case of “ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Thank you