SmartWare unable to backup new files stored on google drive folder (C:) "access denied"


My SmartWare is unable to make backups of several files stored in the “google drive” folder in my C: disk.

The problem is very weird because the backup is working fine for all the files that I upload to my google drive from other computer (my work for example) or with the files that I have in google drive before install SmartWare… but as soon as I create or save a new file (any, word, excel, etc…) in the computer with SmartWare and I save it in the google drive folder in C: … appears the message “access denied” and SmartWare is not able to make the backup.

I would appreciate any help to solve this, because is making me crazy… 


Hi, Smartware is not compatible with cloud storage folders, you can try saving the file you want to backup on one of your computer local folders until Smartware completes the backup, and then move it to the Google drive folder.