Smartware tells me some files aren't backed up but they are

I am using Smartware to backup files to my MyCloud. It is currently telling me that 130 files are pending backup (to a folder I have created myself). But from a significant spot check I find that they are indeed backed up.
Is there anyway I can get the system to show me exactly which ones aren’t backed up to my folder rather than listing 130 which, for those I have checked, are all backed up to my folder?
I note that all 130 are from one folder so I have tried unticking that folder to get the files removed from the list of files that the system says aren’t backed up, but even that doesn’t work. Please help!


Does Smartware offer incremental and differential backup? These two practical features enables you to backup changes only. If not, you can turn to another free backup software.

Yes it does but that isn’t the issue. I need to know why these 130 files are still showing as not being backed up and how I can get rid of them from the list! Pointing me to other software is not the solution.