SmartWare still shows old contents of now-empty drive

I backed up a drive - c. 30 GB - with SmartWare. Subsequently I moved everything off the source drive, deleted the backups from the WD directory, including the subdirectory itself with the metadata.xml file.

After I reinstituted the SmartWare backup, the summary for the source drive is still what it was before, although it shows that nearly the entire drive is free.

Where is this data kept, and how can I reset it? The backup itself is working OK, but the incorrect summary data is annoying.


uninstall and reinstall smartware

for some reason it has not cleared the previous info

 thanks for the quick reply.

However, since I’m also backing up other drives, I imagine reinstalling the software will wipe out the summaries for all the other drives as well, and I can’t do that. I figure the summary info is being kept somewhere else and I was hoping someone might know where that is.