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Bought the 1tb drive two days ago.  Hooked it up to a USB2 port, and everything seemed fine.  Loaded the drivers, and smartware software found on the drive.  Did a backup - no problem.  Smartware came up and said that there was an update to the software available.  Downloaded the software update, and tried to install it.  Bummer - no luck.  Kept getting an “error 1603” notice, with the indication that the update was NOT successful.  Now, smartware doesn’t show anything at all (computer side is empty, and drive side doesn’t even show up).  I can access the drive using Windows Explorer, and the original backup is there, but changed and new files have not been backed.  I thought the best approach would be to uninstall the smartware, and reinstall it, but it won’t let me uninstall.  Any help greatly appreciated.

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Try using an application to uninstall the program. You can visit  Revo Uninstaller

Once you uninstall the software proceed to update the software on the drive.

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Hi, I have just the same problems. Tomorrow I return the MyPassport. BR. pgramvadj.

Even REVO won’t uninstall this software.  WD tells me to take the drive back for a refund.  I like the drive - it’s the software I hate, and want to get rid of.  I’ll use a third party software if I can ever get this ■■■■ off my computer!!

If the software is not removing with REVO then you can try other utility to remove it. Also you can restore the computer to a date when the Software was not installed.

Returning the drive will not remove the software from your computer.

Should have thought of restoring to an earlier date - thanks for the future advice.  For now, the squeeky wheel got the grease.  I got a call from WD who wanted to know if I would allow one of their techs to log on to my computer to uninstall the software.  I gladly said “YES”.  Shortly thereafter, a tech called and we went through that process.  Once uninstalled, he installed the new version, and it is working just fine.  Everything is now right with the world!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to know that.

Hi, Revo did it! Found over 500 connections to SmartWare. All checked and deleted - restart, install the new SmartWare ver. - voila!

I have desided to pay for Revo. They have deserved it!

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Excellent :smiley:

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DITTO!  I cleaned my registry of WD Smartware, deleted all the files because I could not uninstall it.  I reinstalled after cleaning the system and the program started, but has now disappeared.  WD Smartware in the Start Menu is empty.  Buggy software, folks.  Is there a fix for this nonsense?

Me too! Yesterday everything was allright - today nothing!