Smartware sees it but windows 10 dont?

I have received an wd my book essentiel i already have a my book live wich is functioning very good.
Here is my problem, Smartware sees both of my hard drives but in the icon of the essentiel the is an X in red, it dosen’t seem to recognize it. When i plug the usb cable in my computer windows makes a sound but does not give drive access. I have done everything that it has to be done to have it recognize but still it dosen’t work. I need help, can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Hello, are you able to see the drive in “Device manager”? Are you able to see the drive in “Disk Management”? Can you take a screenshot of your “My Computer” section and share it?

Thanks for the response, yes in device manager it is recognized in disk management it is seen but no drive letter is assigned. Also it says disk not recognize. I try to initiale it but it gives me a message saying that there is an error of material so i cant initialize it. In front of the disk there is a little light that never stops blinking is it normal?