Smartware - Retrieval option missing

If I have selected more than one backup version to be stored in “File History”, I may end up with old and new files when I retrieve them.

So, e.g. when I need to retrieve an entire Hard Disk - as would be the case if I had a HD crash and need re-install or if I switch to a new computer -, I end up with all the “old” versions on top of the most current ones as I am unable to select “Retrieve only the latest version of the backup”.

You can imagine the nightmare if you end up having retrieved all files and having to sift through your entire files trying to decide which was the version you want to keep, which not. Especially if maybe you have simply moved a folder to a new directory and now suddenly find you have them in two locations.

Can I suggest what I assume would be a simple addition to Smartware, is to add the option to retrieve only the most current version of the backed up files.

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I have got the same problem. It is even more complicated because the deleted folders are not crossed out. You have to look at the files inside…