Smartware reset with router reset?

Hi, new to the forum.

I have a question regarding resetting the router. N900 with 2TB internal storage.

Does resetting the router reset the Smartware settings?

I reset my router and didn’t check the Smartware settings, I put a whole bunch of pics on my computer and then had a hard drive failure in my computer.

I’m now setting up my new computer and I’m trying to figure out how to get my pictures back (challenge 1), and more importantly, will they include the pictures I’ve added since my reset?

I was looking at sending out my old hard drive for recovery but if the Smartware kept running then I’d feel a lot better.

Thanks for any answer.


The reset will not affect the Smartware settings.

Only a factory restore will delete everything on the My Net N900 internal drive.

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OK, although now I’m finding out things about “Smartware” that I didn’t know before.

I had set up the smartware to back up the computer, pictures movies etc. What I didn’t know is that it just backs up that particular user, not the whole computer.

I have a lot of my stuff saved but none of the other user. That’s where the pictures were stored.

The smartware also seemed to have quit a while ago even for me, as the latest picture I had saved was Aug 2013.

Is this an issue with Smartware?

I am definitely not trusting this software again.